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Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit
The flyer in braille for ANWB AutoMaatje is developed to make the transport service accessible to people with a visual impairment. The CBB produced this flyer. Oktober last year, the first copies were handed out by alderman Hans de Haan.
Braille on aluminum. It is one of the many possibilities with braille. It is a much used technique for placing signs for the blind.
Business cards with braille. It is one of the smallest products we produce. Yet for us, business cards with braille are a big product. With a business card with braille, you give the signal that the blind and visually impaired matter to you.
Cheaper often also means lower quality. But not always. We have developed a technique to produce cheap tactile images. With a higher quality than what is common!
Combination printing is one of our specialties. Braille and tactile images are added to normal print with our customized platen press. For example for business cards, but also learning methods. In this blog we show how it works.
This morning a huge package was delivered to the CBB, with a special content. With the content of this package, we can do even more to make the world accessible to people with a visual impairment.
Much can be achieved with braille and elevated print for the accessibility of buildings. Tactile signs allow blind and visually impaired people to find their own way in buildings. So that they too can fully participate in society.
The demand for cards with braille comes up regularly. However, there is little supply, mainly because of the high production costs. But... braille.nl has the solution! We now produce tactile Christmas card with braille.
Maripaz is 9 years old and studies at the Escuela España, located in San Antonio de Belén. At school, she recieved her own inclusive calendar. This calendar helps her to learn braille.
Sometimes, integration can be reached with the simple things in live. Things you might not think of initially. Like a photo calendar that contains braille. The CBB produced a calendar that can be used by visual impaired and seeing for Costa Rica.
The COVID-19 crisis has a major impact and comes with many measures. We adapt to this by working a from our homes a lot. Fortunately, the work of Braille.nl can still continue. Our printers are ready for you!
The puppetry museum in Vorchten is doing all to make its collection accessible for people with a visual impairment. This deserves appreciation. January 4 is the world braille day. The CBB nominates the puppetry museum for a ‘braillepluim’.
Braille is a very important tool for blind people to have independent access to information and reading. Designed to overcome barriers. However, braille also creates barriers. Reading a braille book together with a blind child, for example, is difficult if you can't read braille.
Braille is often associated with paper, bulky braille books full of dots. 
Yet so much more is possible. In fact, braille is increasingly being used for other applications.
With pride we present: www.braille.nl. Braille.nl is the new website from the CBB and intended to tell you - and others - about the possibilities of braille.
Our website braille.nl has hopefully given you a better idea of all the possibilities in the field of braille. But you might wonder who is the organisation behind braille.nl. Who is the CBB?
4 January 2018 - Today braille readers will answer letters with a braille letter to send a signal to the rest of the Netherlands: "We read Braille!" The goal is to raise awareness among employees of organizations that not everyone can read printed text.