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Braille on aluminum

Braille on aluminum. It is one of the many possibilities with braille. It is a much used technique for placing signs for the blind.

If a sign is to be placed for the blind, aluminium is often the first choice. The metal is relatively easy to work with and it is sustainable. As mentioned above, signs can be made to provide information for the blind. You can think of signage, but also information signs, for example at an exhibition in a museum. Also aluminum memorial plaques can be provided with braille.

Braille on aluminum may sound boring. A metal plate with dots on it. And yet, there are many fun and creative ways to use braille on aluminum without being boring. Lack of creativity is perhaps the biggest constraining factor. Braille does not have to be boring. Neither does aluminum. Braille on aluminium also does not have to be only functional. Why not functional and attractive?

Visually impaired people have the right to accessibility. Right to information. So they can fully participate in society. There is still much to be improved in this regard. Every situation requires a different solution. Sometimes that solution is braille on aluminum. Are you looking for opportunities to make the world a bit more accessible? We like to think along with you for a creative solution!