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Business Cards

Business cards with braille. It is one of the smallest products we produce. Yet for us, business cards with braille are a big product.

Business cards with braille make out a large share of our orders and are in that sense a big product. At the same time, a business card with braille is also very important. Having business cards with braille makes your contact information accessible to people with a visual impairment. This is of course a practical utility, but it also gives a good signal.

Persons having a business card with braille give the signal that people with a visual impairment are completely part of our society. That is a signal we need to give. Because you also believe that people with a visual impairment should be fully part of our society, right?

When producing business cards, we use combination printing. First, normal business cards are printed. Then molds with braille are created for our special printing press. With the help of these molds, the braille is duplex embossed on the business cards.

Many people think exclusively about expressions for the blind. Either it is for the sighted, or it is for the blind. But there is no need for exclusive thinking at all. We prefer to think inclusive. Products that are accessible to all. Both for the blind and visually impaired, and for people without visual impairment. This way you can reach everyone with your information.