Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit

The ANWB AutoMaatje flyer in braille is developed to make the transport service accessible to people with a visual impairment. The CBB produced this flyer. 8 october last year, the first copies were handed out by alderman Hans de Haan.

The Netherlands counts many lonely people. In part, loneliness is caused by reduced mobility. People with a disability are often restricted in their options to go on the road. The ANWB therefore facilitates a transport service for less mobile people: ANWB AutoMaatje (in English CarBuddy). With this transport service, volunteers provide transport for their less mobile neighbors on request.

Visual impairment
Nationwide, the largest group using AutoMaatje is the group of elderly people. A visual impairment however is also a major cause of reduced mobility. But blind people also cannot read information leaflets about ANWB AutoMaatje. In Ermelo lives a large group of people with a visual impairment. To be able to reach these people, ANWB AutoMaatje Ermelo issued the information leaflet to be translated in braille. The brochure in braille is an initiative of Welzijn (well-being) Ermelo. The CBB has converted the leaflet to braille.

Access to Information
The CBB is happy to collaborate on this type of projects, that are aimed at giving people with a visual impairment full access to information. This is done at cost price. Do you also want full access to your information, also for the blind and visually impaired? Please contact us!