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Christmas card with braille

The demand for cards with braille comes up regularly. However, there is little supply, mainly because of the high production costs. But… braille.nl has the solution!

In previous blogs we described our new elevated print technique. One of the many products we develop with this printer is the greeting card. Given the time of year, the first cards to come on sale are Christmas cards. The cards are visually attractive, but also have a tactile image and text in braille. This card is a good example of an inclusive product. Nice for both seeing and the blind. The card can be personalized with a personal text in braille. This text can be inserted in the card. The picture below shows how that works.

Opengeslagen kerstkaart met daarin zichtbaar een ingevoegd briefje met braille

Would you like to order a tactile Christmas card with braille? This article will be published on our new online store soon. Keep an eye on www.leesbutler.nl for this. This website is a collaboration between Dedicon and CBB. It has a large collection of accessible reading and information (only Dutch).

Do you want to reach people with visual impairments with an accessible Christmas card? Request a quote for our Christmas cards. Do you have your own idea for a card with braille and elevated print? Our team is ready to help! +31 (0)341 – 56 54 99 | sales@cbb.nl