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Impact COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is taking a heavy toll on society. For Braille.nl, the effects of this can also be clearly seen. We too have taken our measures. We will not go in detail about the measures, as you are probably familiar with them by now.

Despite the situation, all work at Braille.nl continues entirely. Our ICT is organized in such a way that almost all employees can work from their homes. The conversion is now largely done from home. The employees who are still in the office are alone in a room. The reproduction also continues. A complete lock-down would make it impossible to produce physical products. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen. With the intelligent lock-down, as it is called in the Netherlands, all our work can continue. Our printers are ready for you!

Broader within the CBB, a new form of digital reading has been launched with speed: eText. It is now possible to read our newspapers and magazines with the Dolphin EasyReader app. This app is free to use. It is now possible to receive newspapers and magazines as digital text. This was previously only available as a PDF or Word document via e-mail. In the Dolphin EasyReader app, you can read by increasing the text and adjusting the contrast. The text can also be read by using the VoiceOver function of a smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to connect a refreshable braille display to the smartphone or tablet, which means that reading in braille is also possible. In case of a complete lockdown, anyone can continue to read his or her newspapers and magazines.

We wish you all strength and good health in these difficult times!