Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit

Every year, the Sociedad Biblíca de Costa Rica creates a nice photo calendar. We print the calendars and add braille to make it an inclusive calendar. To the blind in Costa Rica, this is an important product. So much so, that the calendar is declared National Heritage. The story below illustrates why inclusive products are so important.

Maripaz is 9 years old and studies at the Escuela España, located in San Antonio de Belén.  Maripaz was born a twin, but her little sister died due to a congenital syndrome shared with her sister. Maripaz is visually impaired, and was very excited to receive her own accessible calendar at school.

Her mother shared with us that the calendar was such a blessing because she can use it to improve her Braille. The short texts are helpful for her to help her daughter practice her literacy skills. They also use the calendar as a family, taking time every day to describe a picture in the calendar in order to stimulate her young and active imagination. At the same time, Maripaz’s family are also developing the skills they need to to support her in all of her learning and cognitive development.