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National heritage

Sometimes, integration can be reached with the simple things in live. Things you might not think of initially. Like a calendar that contains braille.

Commissioned by the UBS (United Bible Societies), the CBB produced a calendar. Not just an ordinary calendar. Also not a specific braille calendar. It is a combination of these. Usable for the whole family. For the blind and the seeing.

The calendar is produced for Costa Rica and is well recieved. A user with a visual impairment said: ‘I have seen some calendars made in other countries, but this is the best one I have had. It is truly accessible and also, it breaks away from the idea of a blind person as someone to be pitied.’

Nayuribe Monge, a special education teacher for the visually impaired, told the Society, ‘I have a student with low vision. Both her parents are blind. This calendar will be very helpful, since it is something they will be able to share, something that will be useful both for her and her mother. Usually when we receive printed materials, we have to adapt them, and we can never make them look as good as this calendar.’

The calendar also got the atttention of the National Library. They  requested several copies for inclusion in its legal depository. Bible Society of Costa Rica General Secretary Mayra Ugalde: ‘We praise God that the calendar has now been designated part of our country’s national heritage!’