Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit

The puppetry museum in Vorchten is doing all to make its collection accessible for people with a visual impairment. The CBB believes this deserves a ‘braillepluim’.

Most people know Jan Klaassen and Katrijn (or in England Punch and Judy), but the puppetry museum will get you acquainted with many more characters. The puppetry museum is a relatively small museum, but with great ambitions when it comes to accessibility for people with a visual impairment. The museum is located in Vorchten. Its visitors enter the world of puppet theatre. This is done by means of a large collection of puppets in many forms, prints and photographs. There are also several (changing) exhibitions. The museum is not only to be explored with your eyes, you can also play with the puppets yourself. This interaction makes it extra fun. The museum also features an extensive library.

The puppetry museum has spared no expense or effort to make the museum accessible to people with a visual impairment. A project has been started to bring people with a visual impairment into contact with the world of puppet play: ‘A look behind the scenes of puppet theatre. Hearing, feeling and exploring’. This project has been developed in such a way that the blind, together with accompanying persons can get acquainted with the world of puppet theatre. This includes a tactile puppet theatre audiobook with tactile images of traditional folk puppet theatre scenes and two special website pages. The CBB has contributed with the production of texts for the museum and books, in combination print (braille and big letter), transparent tactile images with braille and audio.

January 4 is the world braille day. On that day, the ‘braillepluim’ is awarded by the Association Onbeperkt Lezen (Unlimited Reading). The CBB has nominated the puppetry museum for the braillepluim. Many larger institutions stay behind, but this small museum is a big example.