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World Braille Day

January 4, 2018

Organizations receive letters in Braille on World Braille Day

One of the members of the Association Unlimited Reading calls the Braille readers to action to make companies and organizations aware of the fact that some of their customers read Braille.
She is annoyed that organizations and companies send her mail that she can not read. That is why her idea in the week of 4 January (World Braille Day) 2018 is to answer all (printed) mail that is received with a braille letter. She calls on other Braille readers to do join in. Association Unlimited Reading and the CBB cooperated wholeheartedly and made it possible to print these letters in Braille. With a Braille alphabet, the organizations can translate the letter themselves. Braille readers want to send a signal to the rest of the Netherlands: “We read Braille!” It is mainly about raising awareness among employees of organizations that not everyone can read printed text.
Many braille readers would prefer to receive letters in braille from now on. This becomes possible if more organizations start using the site braille.nl. Here, a standard text can be converted relatively easily into Braille.

Louis Braille
Louis Braille (born on January 4, 1809) officially presented the braille alphabet he had devised at school in 1825 (16 years old). He had found 63 ways to use a cell consisting of six tactile points.
Braille has been used ever since in the entire world to read and write by the blind. Every year on January 4 the birthday of Louis Braille is celebrated.

Braille anno 2018
Braille is and remains very important in the life of a braille reader. After all, it is a right to be able to read for yourself and to be able to spell the words under the fingertips letter by letter. Braille readers have often been cornered in recent years, mainly because they always have to explain why they still read braille on paper. And that while Braille is something natural in their lives. With this action on World Braille Day 2018, attention and understanding are asked in the Netherlands for those people for whom Braille is indispensable for their lives.

Association Unlimited Reading is the interest group for people who, in order to be able to read, are dependent on adapted reading forms, such as spoken, digital text, braille and large letter. Through projects and activities we try to support children and adults in their demand for adapted reading forms and, on the other hand, to draw public attention to the usefulness and necessity of adapted reading methods. Our mission: Unlimited Reading.

For more information, please contact:
René Vink, policy officer
Association Unlimited Reading
Queen Emmakade 198
T 070-26 29 29 4 W: www.onbeperktlezen.nl E: info@onbeperktlezen

CBB, Christian Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Produces, among other things, Braille on behalf of companies and organizations and for the national collection. The website braille.nl gives a good impression of the possibilities to make your texts accessible in Braille. Do you want to know what the CBB can do for you and what the costs are of converting your reading material? You can contact the CBB by sending an email to sales@cbb.nl or by calling 0341 – 56 54 99.