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Huge package

When I arrived at work this morning, the parking lots were blocked by a large truck. Normally I would be slightly annoyed when the parking lots are blocked, but in this case I was excited. Because I knew something special was to be delivered today.

From the truck came the biggest package ever delivered here, in a large wooden crate. While the crate was taken apart, the content was slowly revealed. And there it was: the Océ Arizona 1360GT.

You may ask yourself: what is the Océ Arizona 1360GT, and why is it so special? Let me tell you all about that. The Océ Arizona Is a flatbed printer. With this printer different materials can be printed in high quality. Wood for example, or Dibond. But more importantly: this printer can create elevated print by building up layers of ink.

That elevated printing is exactly what we’re going to use this printer for. The possibilities are numerous. How about greeting cards in full color, with a tactile image? Or tactile maps? Or signage, attractive to see, but also tangible for the blind. Not to mention: Picture books for blind and visually impaired children. With visually attractive images, which are also tactile, combined with large letter and braille, to make reading together possible too.

Completely unique in the world is the combination with our old Heidelberger Platen Press. The Océ Arizona can be used to produce molds with braille and tactile images. The press transfers this to paper. Large editions of combination printing can be produced in a relatively inexpensive way.

Stay tuned for more information about our applications with this printer. Are you curious as to what we can do with this printer? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities!

Océ Arizona 1360GT wordt uit de kist gereden.