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The CBB is committed to enhancing the world of the blind and visually impaired. One way in which we help is through producing books and magazines in appropriate formats: braille, large print, digital and spoken form. This allows people with a reading disability to continue enjoying books.

We also help companies and community organizations to reach this unique target group. With expressions in braille. For a menu. An information booklet. A puzzle. And much more. We can print digitally/traditionally on media such as paper, plastic and aluminium. Tailor made, to make your message felt.

Tab pages
Preprinted paper
Business cards with braille. It is one of the smallest products we produce. Yet for us, business cards with braille are a big product. With a business card with braille, you give the signal that the blind and visually impaired matter to you.
Braille on aluminum. It is one of the many possibilities with braille. It is a much used technique for placing signs for the blind.
The flyer in braille for ANWB AutoMaatje is developed to make the transport service accessible to people with a visual impairment. The CBB produced this flyer. Oktober last year, the first copies were handed out by alderman Hans de Haan.
KLM is one of the many parties that work with the CBB. So that people with print disabilities can read important information also. World wide, in several languages.
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Request our brochure with braille products