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The power of (felt) communication

Powerfully expressing yourself can be done in several ways. But what if you can’t read or see? How will you know where you are? What to do? Where to go? What a business or brochure looks like? As an organization, how do you ensure that your message comes across?

For people with a reading disability or impairment it is very important that communication happens through more than just words. Are these people important to you? Is the information available in your organization’s spaces accessible to everyone in your community? Would you like to make sure it is but you aren’t quite sure how? We can provide the expertise to help.

About us

The CBB is committed to expanding the world for the blind and visually impaired. We try to achieve this through delivering reading materials into appropriate reading formats such as: braille, large print, digital and audio.

We also help businesses and community organizations reach this unique audience with tactile print and braille across their communication platforms and materials. For example we can print your menus, floor plans, informational brochures, puzzles and so on, with this audience in mind. We can print on many different materials like paper, dibond, plastic, acrylic, wood and aluminium. We will customize solutions to match your needs and make sure your message can be felt. We operate in the Netherlands but are also increasingly active abroad.


The CBB cooperates with numerous parties from various sectors so that people with reading disabilities can also access important information. We deliver worldwide and in various languages. A selection from our extensive network:

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Reading together

Reading together

Reading together is a wonderful way to spend time with your child or grandchild, and sharing stories can create a bond that lasts a lifetime. For some families, however, reading together can be difficult if one of the readers has a visual impairment. Thanks to the... and more and more

Fully participating in society To always be able to read and participate fully in society, even if you are blind or visually impaired or if you cannot read properly due to a condition. This is our mission and why we have been producing reading material in adapted...

Multi-sensory museum

Multi-sensory museum

Experience art through scent, sound, touch and sight. The Van Abbemuseum's new multi-sensory collection Delinking and Relinking invites you to experience art differently: in some cases literally by feeling, smelling or hearing art. Delinking and Relinking spans over a...


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