Reading together is a wonderful way to spend time with your child or grandchild, and sharing stories can create a bond that lasts a lifetime. For some families, however, reading together can be difficult if one of the readers has a visual impairment. Thanks to the CBB, that is no longer an obstacle. 

The Reading together concept is a great invention that ensures children’s books are accessible to all. With tactile graphics and a combination of braille and large print, children and parents can read together at truly any level. And if it is difficult to read the text, there is always the audiopen SAM, which ensures that the stories can still be heard. It is not just about the technology, it is about giving everyone the opportunity to read and experience stories, regardless of their limitations.

My Little Toddler Bible

The CBB has taken a huge step forward by partnering with the Dutch-Flemish Bible Society to produce the first-ever tactile Bible for toddlers. This is a unique product designed specifically for children and (grand)parents with visual impairments. It offers the opportunity to read, feel and listen to eight wonderful stories, providing a unique and inclusive experience for families.

If you want to know how Reading together works, watch this video. It’s lovely to see how children and parents can enjoy the stories together.

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