Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit

With pride we present: www.braille.nl. Braille.nl is the new website from the CBB and intended to tell you – and others – about the possibilities of braille.

Make sure your communication can be felt. Literally in the case of braille, your message will be felt and read by fingers. Braille is the way people with a visual disability can read and write, it has so much to give: communication, participation, independence, fun and expression.

Our new website shows the many possibilities’ braille has to offer. Braille can be embossed on different materials, like plastic and aluminum. There are different ways to produce tactile information, for example a combination of print and braille or braille and tactile drawings and of course just braille.
To let you experience our products you can request our free brand new portfolio with a showcase of our braille products.

The CBB has worked with many national and international organisations to promote accesible information. We are able to print braille in many languages and in many forms, on the ‘Reference’ page you will find a selection from our broad network. Maybe it will inspire you!