Every year, the CBB produces inclusive calendars for the Bible Society of Costa Rica. These are beautiful photo calendars with Braille added. For blind people in Costa Rica, this inclusive calendar means a lot. Gabriel Brais from Costa Rica let us know how the calendar was received by users. We would like to share the story below with you. The calendar with Braille was presented to a blind teacher.

“When we gave the calendar to this teacher, the first thing she did was call each of her students over to feel the little dots in that book. She then explained that these dots are Braille dots, and how she communicates, reads and learns with them.

During the lesson, the children asked this blind teacher what she thought of their drawings. They asked her for help selecting the right colors to color the trees in their notebooks. The teacher explains to us something that touched us deeply: “The children do not notice my disability, time and people in society are the ones who teach them that I am not normal and that I cannot do things the same way they did .”

This touched our hearts. It is society that over time corrupts concepts of disability and in fact deprives them of a normal life. The teacher could read this calendar at the same time as her students. In doing so, she taught the children that the only difference between them is the way they read. So we saw a true example of generating inclusivity. This teacher is teaching a new generation who will be better people in the future.

We want you to know that we have not only produced 1000 inclusive calendars, but we have sown 1000 seeds that will grow into better children, later better adults and a better society. Thank you for helping sow the seeds.”

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