Experience art by smelling, hearing, feeling and seeing. The new multi-sensory collection presentation Cross-connections in the Van Abbemuseum invites you to experience art differently: sometimes literally by feeling, smelling or hearing art. Dwarsverbanden spans more than a century of art history, with the earliest work Hommage à Apollinaire by Marc Chagall from 1913 and most recently the tapestry This Means Tableau from 2019 by Laure Prouvost.

With more than 25 multi-sensory tools, including texts in Braille , odor interpretations , tactile drawings and sound scapes, Dwarsverbanden is the first fully multi-sensory collection presentation in the Netherlands. The exhibition enriches everyone’s art experience and makes the works of art accessible to a greater diversity of visitors, including wheelchair users and blind and deaf visitors.

See, feel and smell
Fresh and smoky. This is how the scent card describes itself. It belongs to the painting ‘Le bain des Vagabonds’ from 1936 by the Belgian painter Jean Brusselmans. The CBB has provided braille for these scent cards, we have also developed the tactile drawings that hang in the museum and produced the information signs with braille.

To develop the exhibition, the Van Abbemuseum collaborated with various experts in the field of physical accessibility and (interest) groups in the field of inclusion. Accessibility is the basis of this collection presentation. In our opinion, a textbook example for every museum.

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