Welcome to a comprehensive guide to reading Braille for beginners. When first learning Braille, it can seem difficult and intimidating. But don’t worry, there are many people with patterns and ideas in front of you, you can learn Braille in a short time.

Braille alphabet can be a solution in cases where reading is impossible due to visual impairment. Let’s start by learning who Braille is suitable for and why you should consider learning Braille!

What You Need to Know About Reading Braille

Let’s start by correcting one of the biggest misconceptions about reading Braille: Most people cannot read Braille because their fingers are sensitive. In fact, only 10-15% of people cannot read Braille due to finger sensitivity. 

For others, you can read Braille most of the time. It just requires consistent practice and good motivation. You may question the importance of Braille in a world where text-to-speech is easy.

Reading is not the same as listening: 

It is easier to remember texts when you read them than when you hear them. Braille can make you stop and think, which is made more difficult with constant noise. The audio continues to play when you’re distracted, and with Braille you don’t have to read a book while you’re distracted.

Controlled reading: 

People who rely solely on words often lose track of grammar or spelling. This happens all the time at many platform when they receive emails and text messages containing grammatical errors. This can harm your professional and personal communications. 

You will memorize many phrases in the text as well as grammar. Consider names, capital letters, and capital letters. This information is often very important for a better understanding of the text.

Listening may not always be possible: 

Imagine sitting in a crowded public place. Are you not confident in your Braille reading skills in these situations?

Use Braille to express your ideas: 

Braille readers often prefer reading Braille to reading aloud. It allows you to read with the voice in your head instead of the voice in your audio player. 

What could be better than reading a book under the sun and listening to the chirping of the birds?

Reduces visual fatigue: 

Yes, even if you rest your eyes, you may have difficulty reading for long periods of time. Headaches, fatigue, or neck pain are common in visually impaired people who read books for long periods of time. You can read with Braille for hours without getting tired.

Now that we understand why, how much does it cost to learn Braille? Short answer: hard to say. Everyone’s situation is very different. It’s a completely new thing when someone starts reading with their fingers instead of seeing or hearing. time. Actually it doesn’t matter. 

The important thing is that you follow it, get the support of the people around you and start using it in your daily life as soon as possible.

We’ll get into this in the More Information section, but first we need to understand how Braille works. Moreover, learn the (very accurate) pattern of the Braille alphabet.

Braille alphabet

In fact, Braille consists of numbers rather than letters or languages. Although language is created organically and persists over time, Braille is based on a system invented by Louis Braille in 1824. Needs-based and truly effective, it helps accelerate Braille learning. If you want to learn more about the alphabet, we have written an extensive blog on the subject.

Surprisingly, Braille also has some subtleties when it comes to reading Braille numbers and symbols, which we will dive into in the next section. 

How long does it usually take to learn Braille? 

Some people learn the basics in a few weeks, while others may take months or years depending on factors such as practice and tactile learning experience. It also depends on what your learning goals are, whether you want to just read text or use Braille in your work.

What is the difference between 6-point Braille and 8-point Braille? 

8-dot Braille continues this functionality by adding two more dots below the existing 6 dots, providing additional links to other signs and symbols.

8-dot Braille is also known as computer Braille and is often used in Braille monitors and other devices. It provides a better way to read Braille. You need uppercase letters in 6-point Braille; In 8-point Braille, simply add the 8th dot to the letters.

Can I teach myself Braille? 

A variety of resources are available to support self-study, including online lessons, Braille books, and teaching materials. However, please consider the points we mentioned above, try to build your support team and do it step by step.

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