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Tekst voorlezen Website in de kleuren zwart en wit
Combination black print/braille
Braille alphabet with printed text and Braille
Braille alphabets
Braille-embossed fund raising business cards
Braille business cards
Large letter CBB calendar provided with Braille
Large letter calendar with braille
Cover for Netherlands Ministry of the Interior (BZK) with Braille logo
Press-work with braille logo
Braille on different materials
Sheet printed double-sided in Braille and punched with four holes for ring binder
Braille paper
Braille alphabet and business card Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen [Association for Unimpaired Reading]
Preprinted paper
Braille printed on tracing paper (semi-transparent)
Special types of paper
Type setting machine provides synthetic typeset sheet with Braille
Transparant plastic
Close-up of large letter print with plastic overlay provided with Braille; Braille and large letters synchronised
Transparant plastic supple
Transparent labels with printed text and Braille
Aluminium plate with Braille script
Different finishes of braille
Menu card for Landal location
Ring wire
Laid-open Braille booklet in A3 size, folded to A4 format
NCB information leaflet
Visio self-learning course with ringwire and tab sheets
Tab pages
Parole de Vie bible book in Spanish in plastic binder
Other finishes on demand
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