Participate fully in society.

Always be able to read and participate fully in society. Even if you are blind or visually impaired or if you cannot read properly due to a condition. That is why we have been producing reading material in adapted reading formats such as Braille for over 110 years. We believe that everyone should be able to continue reading. The CBB is committed to expanding the world of the blind and visually impaired. Including by producing books and magazines in suitable reading formats: braille, large print, digital and spoken form (audio). In addition to existing reading formats and techniques, we are busy innovating. Certainly also in the field of tactile images. In this way we want to respond to the increasing demand for solutions to make communication tangible. This allows people with reading disabilities to continue reading.

The right to read is not limited to books and magazines. Accessibility is more than that. Information in and about companies and organizations, museums, hospitals and healthcare practices. As CBB, we are increasingly making information accessible to clients in relief, Braille, large print and in spoken form. For a menu in braille . A map in relief . An information booklet . An inclusive puzzle . And much more. We print and print on paper, dibond, plastic, acrylic and aluminum. Customization that makes your message tangible. We are increasingly active not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. On this website you can see what we can do for you. This way you can participate fully in society.

The CBB is preparing for a future full of inclusive products and in which accessibility in the broadest sense of the word will play a major role for all kinds of social groups. One thing is certain: whichever way you want to read; the CBB contributes to this.

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