A photo exhibition for the blind and partially sighted? A picture paints a thousand words. But for many people with a visual impairment, photography is an unseen world. The ‘World Unseen’ campaign is changing that. At CBB we are proud that we can contribute to this.

As part of the ‘Wold Unseen’ campaign. There will be an exhibition where blind and partially sighted people are also welcome and can experience the photos. The exhibition will take place at Somerset House in London from April 5 to 7 .

The exhibition features the works of world-famous photographers from all over the world. The photos have been converted into relief at the CBB, so that the photos have become tangible. The CBB has also created an image description in Braille for each photo.

Lawrence Gunther is North America’s only blind conservationist. How does he experience the photo of the last male northern white rhino in this way? Canon has made a beautiful video about it: A forgotten tragedy in nature conservation – Canon Netherlands

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